Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cry, the Beloved Country

Monday, August 23rd, 2010: Vancouver, British Columbia

My last night in Canada. It's taking awhile for that one, simple thought to sink in.

My last night in Canada.

This one sentence is a powerful thing. Right now, it's causing me to go through a multitude of sensations: butterflies in the stomach, sweaty palms, quickened pulse, and more than a little shortness of breath. Am I ready for this? I mean, sure, I've done all the paperwork, I have my visa, I've signed my contract... but will I ever be truly "ready"?

My friends.

As I write this, I keep coming up with things I'll miss. My brain adds to the list constantly, making me realize what I'm giving up. Skype and Facebook are great, but they are no substitute for wing night. Or going to the movies with friends. Or Left 4 Dead at St. Joe's. Or "trekking out."


In Grande Prairie, I was so used to simply hopping into a vehicle and going wherever I wanted. I sold my car a couple of weeks ago, and I really do miss it. Not to mention road trips!


The Vinyl Cafe, Age of Persuasion, Q, As it Happens... turning on the radio in my car opened my mind to whole new worlds, allowing me to fulfill my goal of learning at least one new thing every day. All I know is I will be eternally grateful for podcasts and live internet streaming.

Having my best friend as my roommate.

We may not have kept the apartment perfectly clean, and we may not have finished watching the new Big Bang Theory episodes together, but dammit, having my best friend as my roommate was something special, and I will miss it.

Crown Royal.

Seriously. According to a friend, two-hundred dollars for a bottle of Crown Royal in Korea. Ridiculous!

There are many other things I will miss, but I suppose now is the time to look forward. New friends to go along with the old, new places to explore, new foods to eat, new things to drink, and even *shudder* K-pop. After all, Canada, this is not really goodbye, merely see you later. And until we meet again, you will go on fine without me.


deewald said...

Hmmm...I'll be glad to know I can count on you when its my turn to leave. Harvey Wallbangers might need to be the new drink, instead of Crown Royal!
Cheers, my friend. To your new adventure.

Anonymous said...

although your leaving a lot behind just think of what lays ahead, trying new food, and drink (don't ask what it is :) )making new friends, but remembering those left behind, always look forward your never know what awaits

Anonymous said...

since I can't be bothered to sign up for google just now, I have to be anonymous but this is Greenflora47 - just saying so very proud of you, happy and excited for you and Canada's (temporary) loss is Korea's gain. Love you! J