Friday, September 10, 2010


It's pouring rain outside, so I'm enjoying a relaxing Friday evening in, catching up on watching The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, eating nachos and drinking a Chilsung Cider:

"Cider" doesn't really mean the same thing here that it does back home.  Chilsung Cider tastes almost exactly like Sprite or 7-Up.

Things have been going fairly well for me.  The kids that I teach are amazing, and incredibly friendly and inquisitive.  My favorite part really has been teaching the classes so far.

I've joined a few meet-up groups, hoping to meet some fellow English-speakers.  One group, called "Seoullites," is meeting for a dinner/karaoke night next Saturday, the 18th.  I don't think I'll take part in the karaoke, but so far 27 people have signed up to go, so I think I have a good chance at meeting some fellow world travelers.

One oasis I have found, and for which I am very grateful:

I was pretty excited when I heard about this place.  It really felt like being back home when I went inside, and I'll definitely be going back for Tuesday wing night!

I hope this post finds everyone well, and I look forward to talking to you all very soon!


Miramanee said...

That sounds so awesome! Going out with groups seems to be the best way to meet new people. I'm going to be doing that here soon and I can't wait!

GreenFlora47 said...

Thanks for the new blog. Great to hear from you once again. Sounds like things are going well.

GreenFlora47 said...

It's now our Friday evening - probably your early Saturday morning!

Kertrats said...

9:30pm on Friday for you is 12:30pm on Saturday for me!